This is why you get less distance by swinging harder

She won her final championship in 1994 before riding into the sunset after a 22 year career.Earnestine Lannigan (New Dorp)Earnestine Lannigan, right, not only coached New Dorp softball team for 20 seasons before retiring in 2001, but also coached the Central Cougars volleyball team. (Staten Island Advance/Jan Somma Hammel)Lannigan coached a dynasty at New Dorp, leading the Centrals to three consecutive PSAL city softball championships between 1985 87.It was never easy playing an Island opponent for all the marbles, but ND managed to defeat Curtis in each of their championship seasons.Karen Lynch, center, guided Port Richmond for 17 seasons before retiring from her post in 1998. However, she remained on PR coaching staff as an assistant to Nancy Cena, right, for four more seasons and returned as an assistant under Karin Crowley for their 2015 title.

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