Following up is crucial or can eventually fail

What you’ve got to be able to do is look yourself in the mirror and ask did you do everything you could.”Ultimately, like I say in the series, the results on the pitch determine the popularity of ownerships and when we didn’t get promoted last season, after such a strong start that raised the expectations, it was a far more crushing blow.”Had the season almost been reversed and we had a slow start to the season, as we tidied up all the mess off the pitch, and then we kicked on and had a really strong finish to the season before missing out, then I think the sentiment would have been a bit more positive.”It was just that crushing blow that we all felt at Wembley after the play off final. People then feel the need to lash out.”I hope what people do see is two people who were sincerely determined to turn that club around. And I think when people step back and think of the state of the club, particularly given the current climate with coronavirus, they’ll understand that in the grand scheme of things a heck of a turnaround has happened.”.

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