That appeal belongs on the opinion pages or maybe

The Senate Intelligence Committee voted 10 5 behind closed doors Wednesday to send Haspel’s nomination for a full floor vote, where she looks all but assured to win Senate confirmation. Two of the committee’s seven Democrats had said they supported Haspel, including Virginia’s Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the panel.

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I wanted my wife back and wanted to be a part of my children life. Me wanting back my family was not only a step to get my life back together it was also a step to prove to my wife though i am an alcoholic, i can stay sober and be responsible for her and my children. Heaven knows i tried all i can to prove to her that i have changed and i am ready to love her with my life just like how it was before i ruined it.

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The school district will provide a link on its website to participate on Zoom.In a July 16 online public meeting, the school district unveiled a four phase, “green status” plan for opening schools. At that time, the school district anticipated opening the high school and middle school to half the students Monday and Tuesday and the other half of the student body on Thursday and Friday. When children aren’t in school, they’d participate online.

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