Without my family’s support, I would have never been

Not listening attentively when having a conversation will with no doubt distract you from the essence of the subject. If you are thinking about something or someone else, thinking about what the person is going to say next it will be very difficult to focus. Active listening is a way of listening and responding to others that is structured and focuses your attention on the person who is speaking.

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Gynecomastia may affect one or both breasts, causing pain sometimes, but mostly discomfort and embarrassment to men who suffer; and although sometimes goes away by itself, is also treated with medications or corrective surgery. One of the main benefits of corrective surgery for gynecomastia is that it improves the look of your body and change your quality of life to help fade the problems of self esteem and confidence that can generate you have a feminine looking chest. In young this condition can be socially devastating because it is a source of stigma and cruel jokes on the school environment.

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