Officials in Oregon are demanding that the Trump

Pallav Upadhyay, an Indian student in Atlanta said, universities operating in a hybrid system and holding some classes in person, international students who are enrolled in those are allowed back into the US. If the status of those classes changes at any point, which is likely if cases rise on campus, we would be sent back. Alternately, if we choose to pursue classes online and the university switches to in person teaching, we are expected to travel back to the US to preserve our student visas, he said..

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Protesters say they were roughed up, and some were detained in unmarked vans with little information about who was detaining them or why. Officials in Oregon are demanding that the Trump administration withdraw those forces. But President Trump is not budging, tweeting today that Portland’s leaders have, quote, “lost control of the anarchists and agitators,” end quote..

“No you don’t” my wife said “she’ll think you’re a pervert or something.” talked out of it, we followed her to the counter and paid after she had done hers. “Look under ten dollars.” I told my wife when I noticed what she paid. My son in law paid ours and we followed the old dame out..

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Qualifying was a very odd two lap affair with lap 1 setting start positions for Friday and lap 2 determining Saturday’s grid. The new Aeroscreen got its first live test as Colton Herta’s car vaulted over Rinus Veekay’s machine on an aborted restart. Both drivers were uninjured, but Veekay attributed his survival to his Aeroscreen, which he said was “destroyed” in the accident.

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