At the same time, if you hang your head and sit here

Nobody in here likes losing. At the same time, if you hang your head and sit here and drag your ass it’s not going to fix anything. We got to fix what’s wrong and we got to find a way to fix it.”. The tide came in as she was leaving, forcing her to climb onto some rocks to get to her car.Those rocks were along the property line of the Dubord family home.Sidhu alleged Dubord yelled at her to get off the rocks, but she had nowhere to go. Dubord then insulted her, returned with a garden hose and sprayed her, Sidhu told the Optimist.face was wet, my hair was wet it was just so shocking, she told the Optimist. Is an adult woman, I an adult woman.

“That vine out there produced nothing but pretty much.. Knee jerk reactions,” she said. “It didn’t manifest the ability to explore how [something] iconic could take you someplace else, mentally and spiritually, than just horror or despair and fear and aversion.

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