However, the tables are turned, and the public seems

I get there, take everything out of the car, and we have to practice. My mind was jacked up.”Robinson’s reaction wasn’t unique.Northeastern Oklahoma A is unusual among junior colleges in that it is required the school to fill out most of its roster with in state players, the majority of whom end up being hard working scrappers desperately trying to extend their football careers for another year or two.Added to that mix are up to 15 out of state players, most of whom arrive at the school because, somewhere along the line, their careers didn’t go according to plan.Robinson’s wrong turn came in high school when, according to the Dallas Morning News, he was accused of stealing an ex girlfriend’s purse on two occasions, including once when he was alleged to have thrown her into a bush.Robinson maintained his innocence against charges, which were initially lowered and ultimately dismissed, in part due to an uncooperative witness.The experience made a mess out of the road map Robinson had laid out. Once targeted for nearby Texas A he found himself instead in Miami Miami, Okla.The mix of players at Northeastern Oklahoma A makes for an interesting chemistry experiment, one Northeastern Oklahoma A coach Zach Allen said is far from the “Last Chance U” assumptions that many make about junior colleges.The school has a substantial number of dorms and a decent fanbase.

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