Right now, costs associated with caring for

Albert, who serves as chairman of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Council at the Alzheimer’s Association and as such helps oversee a $20 million research budget, says that more Alzheimer’s patients will drive healthcare costs into the stratosphere. Right now, costs associated with caring for Alzheimer’s patients run about $100 billion a year. “We can expect a tripling of these costs if the numbers go as high as 16 million,” she says..

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You should keep an eye on your humidity level and immediately reduce it if your room feels damp and sticky, like a summer’s day in Houston, Texas! If you are not sure, check pillows and curtains to see if they are damp or your windows and window sills are forming condensation. These are all signs that your humidity levels are way too high. If you suffer from allergies from mites, mold, or mildew check your humidity level often and do not let it rise above 40%..

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