This has caused a disruption in the market and June

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cheap jerseys nba Set WeatherThat’s because Gates, fresh off signing a two year contract extension Saturday, will likely be practicing at three positions during camp along the Giants’ remade offensive line.Prior to veteran left tackle Nate Solder opting out to protect himself and his family from COVID 19 this season, the Giants’ plan appeared to be a summer competition between Gates and Spencer Pulley for the starting center job. However, Gates now seems best suited to play offensive tackle, given the lack of quality options behind him.”He’s definitely a guy who can factor in at any of the five positions along the offensive line,” Giants head coach Joe Judge said during a video conference call with reporters Wednesday. “But, our priority right now is giving him a chance to compete for a starting position, at any of those five spots.”Entering training camp, the Giants goal was to cross train rookies Andrew Thomas and Matt Peart at both left and right tackle, along with veteran pickup Cam Fleming cheap jerseys nba.

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