(west of Milvia): This six story

1935 Addison St. (west of Milvia): This six story, 69 unit building was approved by the city’s zoning board in 2013. Addison Arts Apartments was developed by property owner Avi Nevo, who has built numerous projects in Berkeley over the last 17 years, including Telegraph Gardens across from Whole Foods Market at Ashby Avenue (scroll down).

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Women just love rings especially if they are Christian rings for women because they are special. I think that if we could we would wear rings on any finger that we have including our thumbs! We have our left hand finger ring dedicated to our wedding ring. But the rest of the fingers can be used for just about any ring we want to put on them.

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One such easy to make sauce is pesto sauce which can be made simply in the food processor just by mixing few ingredients. Some sauces are there who take much time sometimes full day to prepare. Pan sauces are delicious and can be made easily as it just utilizes a raw material.

The term spectrum indicates that a sunscreen offers protection against both UVA and UVB, as opposed to just UVB. When you buy sunscreen containing UVA protection in the UK, you may notice a UVA star rating on the packaging. The stars range from 0 to 5.

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