My ‘gift’ is awareness, interest, being constant,

It’s tough enough to find employees for the pool, but the Centers for Disease Control guidelines mandate even more employees than usual to curb the spread of COVID 19.”We just didn’t have the coverage and we still don’t have the coverage,” Colver said.If the pool opens Saturday hours will likely be scaled back. Daily. Due to the lack of staff.Colver said he’d have more details later this week.”It’s unfortunate that it’s in the middle of a heat wave but we wanted to do it right and we wanted to do it safely,” Colver said.He said the pool has passed tests by the Pennsylvania Department of Health for operating safely.

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He turned to me and smiled as if expecting a word of gratitude for doing something I just did several moments ago. So I took the box, smiled, and thanked him for his efforts, and looked for his manager to get useful advice. Suffice to say, it’s never enough to know the basics..

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