Trae Young said on Twitter that Zion needs “to chill

If I may be so impertinent to suggest that the first thing you must do is give your advisors the marching orders, preferably not towards any border towns, as you may have already realized the futility of such ill advised adventures. Your courtiers have not been telling you the truth, not even a close estimation of it. Quite the contrary, in fact.

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Canada Goose sale On ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption program, host Tony Kornheiser said he hoped Zion would suit up again for the Blue Devils because he enjoys watching him, but the “prudent” move would be to shut it down. Trae Young said on Twitter that Zion needs “to chill out” the rest of the season. (Young, curiously, did not take his own advice a year ago while playing for Oklahoma, playing until the Sooners were eliminated in the NCAA Tournament. Canada Goose sale

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