I tried it out and low and behold the results were

Measured by number of days per year of rainfall, Vancouver ranks as the world’s 2nd rainiest city. Number 1 is of course London, England, but Vancouver isn’t far off. This should come as a surprise to nobody, since Vancouver is located in what used to be a rainforest, and still technically is, minus much of the forest..

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The discovery of over 4000 planets (4,171 confirmed and counting!) beyond our Solar System has revolutionized the field of astronomy. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of all these discoveries is how it has shaken up theories about how our Solar System formed. In the past, astronomers thought that the eight planets (or nine, or over one hundred, depending on your point of view) formed where they are currently located..

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wholesale nfl jerseys Josephson said some of the riders have been participating for 30 years, so it’s amazing seeing them still connected. “It’s a family. I call it summer camp for adults,” Josephson said. Interesting, but how do you read what I’m saying as apologist? the manifesto is more academic and robust than you seem to put it, and it just seems a fair objective analysis that BLM doesn’t mean broadly and literally that they “want to take your property.” That part is a conceptual shift, and while some of what they advocate is retroactive, like reparations, that part is forward looking. You might mean I’m an apologist for their beef with America, but I perceive them as attacking a rot in the country’s foundation that we’ve all been trying to cheap nfl jerseys repair. Not sure if I hang with them on all of it, but you seem maybe to conflate them with Black Israelites, who are, yes, extreme in the extreme wholesale nfl jerseys.

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