Those who refuse to fill out the form will be fined $2

Resorters reliever, Brody Maynard (1 0), tossed one inning of shutout baseball with a pair of strikeouts in his first victory of 2020. Chris Keenan (0 1) hurled two thirds of an inning, allowing five earned runs while giving up four walks in the loss. Great Lakes improves to 1 1 on the season while the Dune Bears fall to 1 1..

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Cheap Jerseys from china Set WeatherSTATEN ISLAND The city has chosen Staten Island to start rolling out its random checkpoint operation in an effort to enforce a mandatory two week quarantine for travelers from 35 high infection states a program the de Blasio administration plans to “ramp up” in the coming days.Since the city launched its checkpoint operation on Wednesday, officials from the Sheriff’s Office have only conducted stops on Staten Island, City Hall confirmed.The Goethals Bridge was the city’s first and only random checkpoint spot Wednesday evening and on Thursday, officials from the Sheriff’s Office set up a checkpoint at the Outerbridge Crossing, which City Hall said would wholesale nfl jerseys be its only checkpoint location of the day.On Wednesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced out of state travelers would be met with checkpoints at major bridges and tunnels across the city.Officials from the Sheriff’s Office will require travelers to complete a New York State Department of Health traveler form and quarantine for 14 days upon entry into the city.Those who refuse to fill out the form will be fined $2,000 and travelers caught violating the two week quarantine could get hit with a $10,000 fine.Mayoral spokeswoman Laura Feyer said everyone was “very cooperative and there were no issues,” at the stops on Wednesday.In the coming days, Feyer said the city would continue to add more checkpoints at other crossings “as we ramp up.””The first day was a smaller operation, acting as a ‘pilot,’ and we expect larger numbers soon,” Feyer said.The stops also appeared to cause confusion amongst drivers. Some drivers did not know where to pull over.All of the vehicles had New York license plates.Sheriff Joseph Fucito said Sheriff’s vehicles are equipped with license plate reader technology to help them identify out of state vehicles.But de Blasio has been vague about how officials would minimize any potential traffic congestion the checkpoints might cause.The mayor said traffic congestion was a concern but that officials were still in talks about potentially moving around checkpoint locations or have them set up for “limited periods of time” to ease congestion.De Blasio indicated the checkpoints could last into the foreseeable future, saying they could continue “as long we think makes sense, and as extensively as we think makes sense.”See the full list of high infection states here.Reporter Alex Salmieri contributed to this report. 2020 Advance Local Media LLC Cheap Jerseys from china.

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