Is this why she’s crying? Because she has an injury?

It also helps to praise your new puppy a lot and give him/her lots of pets every time he/she does well. These dogs are so focused on trying to please their humans that some puppies will train with just praise and pats of encouragement without treats. You will have to try both approaches to see what your puppy is willing to do.

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“I can help but sit with a wry smile when I seen these results because you tend to think, well told you so It something I been saying constantly during the first part of the season.(Image: David Howlett)”As the director of rugby working closely with the coaches, overseeing and observing sessions I could really see it starting to click. It no shock to me that results have turned around, long may it continue.”A big well done to the coaches, to the players and to everybody at the club. I am absolutely thrilled, hopefully it will continue and it would be great if we can carry on and finish in the top six and, who knows, even sneak into the top four.

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