I received a lot of coaching in my remaining time at

“It changed the way I needed to approach contesting the ball in a 50 50 contest. I received a lot of coaching in my remaining time at the Giants from Lenny Hayes and Leon Cameron in how to best approach that contest, and not leaving my head exposed to contact from the opposing player. I spent a lot of time on improving my technique, in protecting myself from an incident like that not happening again.

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This year, he taught himself to code, specifically to improve his designs. “I always try to make sure when I do an activity, I put my maximum amount of effort into it,” he said. “If I can’t do that, then I don’t do [the activity]. Founded over 50 years ago and comprised of a large membership drawn in by their impressive reputation for putting on interesting and informative meetings and seminars, ACIT holds several events on Long Island annually, the majority of which are hosted at the Crest Hollow Country Club. And while they have offered a wide variety of topics and an impressive array of speakers over the years, Howard Nevins ACIT board member and Senior Vice President of Care Connect, LLC felt that an emphasis on the healthcare field would offer a unique topic of discussion for a new event. With that, last year, the Senior Healthcare Summit was born..

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