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Supporting the place that ladies should take up non-conventional subjects, one other expert famous that Lithuania had enshrined the principle of equal alternative in training, and ladies have been more educated than men. However, the tutorial system was nonetheless patriarchal in nature, and though women in Lithuania were nicely educated, they had been still not properly represented in decision-making positions.

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After the 2004 elections, the percentage of ladies in the Parliament had doubled, compared to 2000, growing from 10.6 per cent to 22 per cent. In the civil service, women comprised 28 per cent of the highest-level decision-makers, together with Ministers, Vice-Ministers and State Secretaries. On three June, the Parliament had permitted new amendments to the Civil Code, enforcing provisions regarding home violence, she added. The Code now ensured a legal obligation for the offender, but not the sufferer, to leave his or her residence and household. Lithuania had also been the first country in the area to have adopted a specialized programme on human trafficking and prostitution, in 2002.

More than 1,000 textbooks had recently been eradicated, owing to the presence of gender stereotypes. Gender specialists had worked to make sure that gender issues were balanced in textbooks. Another delegate stated that the Government was addressing vertical and horizontal gender segregation in universities. Vilnius and Kaunas Universities had gender studies institutes, which conducted analysis and offered optional programs. A grasp’s programme in gender budgeting would quickly be launched at Kaunas University.

On trafficking in women, she described a governmental programme for 2005 to 2008, the second such programme in place. All the measures had been financed a hundred per cent from the State finances. About 600,000 litai had been supplied to non-governmental organizations in help of trafficking victims. Among the programme’s main achievements had been enhancements in collecting info regarding victims. Such info was collected both by law enforcement entities and non-governmental organizations, and the statistics were nearly the same.

GLENDA P. SIMMS, skilled from Jamaica, thanked the nation for its detailed report and stated that, based on that document, Lithuania had enshrined the precept of equal alternative in education, and girls were extra educated than men. However, so far as training was concerned, it was necessary to go beyond percentages, as a result of the system of education had been designed by the patriarchy and remained patriarchal in nature. As identified by other experts, women in Lithuania have been well educated, yet they have been nonetheless not properly represented in decision-making positions. Under the current circumstances, “you run the chance of having an informed population in a country run by not very properly-educated people”, she warned.

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Funding for non-governmental organizations’ projects coated salaries, administrative bills and office operations. Gender budgeting was one part of the ministry’s finances for national equal alternative programmes, used mainly for local pilot tasks. The results of an impact assessment of European structural funds on ladies and men, funded by the State and the European Union, would be finalized by yr’s finish. On women’s participation in decision-making, she mentioned that girls’s engagement in the country’s political life had been increasing, slowly however steadily.

The regulation enforcement authorities had introduced a new system to gather data systematically and electronically from all areas of the country. The programme also offered for special safety, including for child victims. Among other important measures was Internet surveillance to forestall youngster recruitment and trafficking. Regarding prostitution, not solely were women selling sexual companies punishable by regulation, but also the individuals shopping for their companies.

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VIOLETA NEUBAUER, expert from Slovenia, questioned if the individuals answerable for gender issues in each ministry had been vested completely with gender work, or if those duties represented a further task. What progress had been achieved in appointing gender employees on the municipal level? Another delegate stated that European Union funding supplemented the State price range’s funding for gender-related tasks.

At the regional stage, the country was taking part within the Nordic-Baltic consciousness-raising marketing campaign in opposition to trafficking in women. With the nation’s fast economic development, there had been positive changes in Lithuania’s employment market, she mentioned. Women’s unemployment fee stood at 5.1 per cent this yr, in comparison with four.6 per cent for men. Women’s employment rate had reached sixty one.2 per cent this yr, exceeding the target for European Union member States for 2010. The Government was additionally encouraging employers to make sure equal pay for equal work and work of the identical value.

Ms. AROCHA DOMINGUEZ, professional from Cuba, said that the country’s report didn’t present sufficient data on the access and quality of family planning companies, in addition to on using contraceptives. With some 50 per cent of young women not utilizing contraceptives, she puzzled concerning the prevalence of sexually transmitted ailments among women, particularly HIV/AIDS. She also requested concerning the standing of a measure pending in Parliament that would limit the use of abortion, mentioning that the European Parliament opposed a ban on abortions. Another delegate said that the nationwide technique for equal rights for men and women had created indicators to monitor its implementation. Long-time strategies for rural areas were financed by the State price range.

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A new technique was under way to have 20 per cent of high administrative posts in science and analysis filled by women. Women had been increasingly filling associate professor posts, and so they comprised 60 per cent of doctoral college students. Research performed on women in the sciences revealed that the primary purpose why women took breaks of their careers was to care for his or her youngsters.

According to a 2007 World Economic Forum report on the global gender gap index, Lithuania was among the international locations that had made probably the most vital progress, assuming the fourteenth place out of 128 countries best site. Other points addressed right now included equality within the office, the state of affairs of minority and susceptible women, women’s employment and family life.